Phil’s passion lies in the sincere desire for the horse and rider to be successful together. His clients have benefited from expert colt starting, private riding lessons and training as well as the meaningful experience of his clinics. Phil is committed to helping his clients improve their relationship with their horses through effective communication, proper techniques and good horsemanship.
Phil’s philosophy is to train through understanding and that starts with a simple, common sense approach. Building a solid foundation to help each horse reach its full potential by focusing on effective and proven techniques that help horses to understand the response you are asking for, which in turn builds their confidence and yields success.
This approach has resulted in more than $1,000,000 in Equistat earnings, won by the horses that have been a part of the Phil Haugen Horsemanship program. These horses are not limited by discipline or age and have excelled in major barrel racing events, tie-down roping, futurities, derbies and WNFR qualifications. Confident, meaningful communication, and proper horsemanship can allow any horse and rider the opportunity to achieve their optimal individual potential.